Sick of the wait for the fourth season of ‘Game Of Thrones‘? We all are! Thankfully we have an interview with the new production designer for the show, Deborah Riley (‘The Matrix’,’21 Grams’), and she gives us a behind the scenes look at a few things we can expect going forward, from a visual perspective. The production designers are responsible for the sets and props to be able to truly bring the look to life and draw the viewers in to truly experience the show. Obviously the first three seasons have been able to do just that as the show has high ratings, viewership, and was the top pirated show of 2013.

Riley has huge shoes to fill as she’s stepping in for Gemma Jackson (‘Finding Neverland’, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’) who was responsible for the first three seasons and the look was very clearly defined. It’s easy to argue that it was her best work to date and one can only hope that whatever project she is off to next gives her the funding and control to create something magical again.

The behind the scene footage here gives us all kinds of information. One key being that there were over 105 new sets built for the upcoming season and that doesn’t include the ones that were already created being reused. There were well over 200 artists and craftsmen involved in creating the universe that we’ve all fallen in love with which has truly been a key part to giving George R.R. Martin’s masterpieces justice. From the previews you can see Riley has continued on overseeing a work of art and this should get you that much more excited for the show’s return on April 6th, 2014.

Are you ready for what’s coming next in the ‘Game of Thrones’?

Source: Comic Book Movie