Behold the new cinematic trailer from Bethesda Softworks “The Arrival” for their upcoming MMORPG ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’.

While the CG is impressive if not stunning, it does carry a false representation of what the end product, ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, will actually look and play like. Most fans are wise enough now to know this is common practice and has been become standard throughout the gaming industry. Even so, fans should be aware that the graphics in gameplay are going to be nothing like the trailers. Developing games may well be an epic task in itself, but with the latent power inherent in next generation consoles, there should be no excuse for anything short of stunning.

Maybe if publishers put the millions they spent on CG trailers and mass marketing into actual game development they could really produce something groundbreaking.

Consoles are in desperate need of quality MMORPG’s and while the gameplay graphics might not be mind blowing, The Elder Scrolls Online is an excellent contender to fill that void.

In development at ZeniMax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online will be available worldwide for the PC and Mac on April 4 and for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June. You can view the pre-order details here.

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