In ‘X-Men Legacy’ #22, all Hell broke loose as Legion lost his control and with it the World Worm was born. We’ve known the prophecy of what that means since the beginning of the series. Either David ends all of Mutantkind and the world or the love of his life, Blindfold, has to take his life.

As David is spinning out of control and turns into an astral cancer, the mutants are the first to go. Right off the bat he absorbs them all into himself and they all become part of the World Worm with no resistance. Of course, they aren’t the only ones who were going to put up a fight. We quickly see Earth’s remaining heroes join into the fray and after a valiant effort we see a broken Captain America calling in a nuclear air strike in a last ditch attempt.

With all of Earth’s heroes having fallen, it’s unlikely a nuke is going to really be doing that much damage here, and it doesn’t.

While David’s commentary about this is that it’s always “all about punching” in the end, that doesn’t hold true because what happens next is the most interesting part. Apparently not every mutant was consumed by the World Worm as the love of his life, Blindfold, suddenly shows up. As they are doing battle in the physical realm, her mental projection is able to enter what is left of his mind and they are able to share a moment together. He uses the powers of someone who can greatly slow down time so that this moment lasts quite sometime. During this, they have a surreal moment as the two in their mental astral projects are able to make love to one another in a very non-Marvel kind of ending. Of course the entire viewpoint of this book has been non-Marvel so far with Spurrier giving us the trippy landscape that has been Legion’s mind.

With only two issues left we’re about to finally see how this story ends. I’m actually wondering how they are going to end this because it seems as if there are too few and too many issues left to bring it to a proper close.

I still have hope that Spurrier has tricked us once again as he has constantly done throughout the series. Even if Legion himself doesn’t know that there’s a way out,I have high hopes that Spurrier has written one for him in a way that will keep the character around, relevant, and give him and Blindfold a shot at an actual future. The problem with Omega level mutants (and in David’s case for sure) is that they can be so powerful that it’s hard to justify them for being the go to person for resolving issues. Wouldn’t it be nice if Spurrier finds a way to deal with that issue into the conclusion as well? Wishful thinking aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how this run comes to a close. My guess is that it’ll have something to do with time travel.


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Tan Eng Huat