In March 2013, Terry Gilliam debuted his first new film in nearly five years at the Venice International Film Festival. Starring Oscar winner Christoph Watlz, ‘The Zero Theorem’ follows an eccentric and reclusive computer genius that works to solve a mathematical formula that determines whether life has any meaning. The movie failed to acquire US distribution on the festival circuit, but that’s because the latest from the only American Monty Python member is less commercial and more out there than his other efforts like ‘Time Bandits’, ’12 Monkeys’, or ‘Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas’. Regardless, that won’t stop the studio from promoting the latest feature from the legendary filmmaker.

While we’re not sure about when we’ll actually get to see it, Voltage Pictures has recently released a new trailer for ‘The Zero Theorem’ for all to see. It’s very similar to the one that circulated a few months ago but was taken down, though it features a few new edits. You can check it out below followed by a new synopsis for the movie also starring Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, Ben Whishaw, Mélanie Thierry, David Thewlis, and Lucas Hedges:

An eccentric and reclusive computer genius plagued with existential angst works on a mysterious project aimed at discovering the purpose of existence – or the lack thereof -once and for all. However, it is only once he experiences the power of love and desire that he is able to understand his very reason for being.

This movie is definitely a little far out, but it is definitely interesting and has a great look to it. Hopefully it finds it’s way to theaters this year, even if it’s only for a limited time only. But until the release situation is sorted, what do you think of the latest trailer for ‘The Zero Theorem’? Are you excited to lay your eyes on a new work from Terry Gilliam? Sound off in the comment section.

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