sam raini kingkiller chronicle

He’s done horror. He’s done comic book movies. Now, Sam Raimi is heading into the realm of fantasy as he is set to direct a film based off of ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle‘ for Lionsgate! Also on board is ‘Hamilton’ creator turned producer Lin-Manuel Miranda who is working directly with author Pat Rothfuss to see this vision come to life. Last we had heard, Lindsey Beer (‘Transformers: The Last Knight’) had been tapped to pen the feature film.

The story will follow Kvothe who is an aspiring wizard that survived a painful childhood. Over time, he becomes one of the most famous magic users in all the lands and “a notorious household name.”

If you aren’t an avid reader but the name sounds familiar, you may recall from last year that a deal was made by Miranda to bring an ongoing series to Showtime under the guiding hand of John Rogers (‘Leverage’,’The Librarians’). At that time we had also learned that a film would be going into production as well, but this is the first major update that we’ve had in a few months that it was in any stage of pre-production.

The plan is similar to what Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ had tried to do before flopping horribly in that they want to bring the main story to the movies with the television show fleshing out the world from smaller stories to aspects hinted at in the books. With Raimi as the director who has worked in both film and television as well as a solid course being plotted out ahead of it, I’m hoping that this won’t suffer the same fate.

Are you looking forward to this cinematic take on ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’? Do you think that they can succeed at world and franchise building where ‘The Dark Tower’ couldn’t when it finally hits the box office? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Variety