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Last week’s ‘The Walking Dead‘ had one of the most violent scenes shown to date so far though Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, has a few words to those who say it was too violent. It was a scene that fans of the comic have known for years would be coming and even if they didn’t know for sure who might meet Lucille up close and personal, it was a date with the end of Negan’s bat that someone was about to make before being off the show forever.

In fact, it was so gruesomely done that many have said they are done with the show after it and even the Parents Television Council has said that it has crossed the line, ignoring the fact that the show is rated for mature audiences and has warnings which allow it to be blocked on any standard television these days for parents who actually police what their children watch.

So, of course with Lincoln being one of the focal points about the show this exact topic came up and he had a few words to say on the matter:

“The problem is, I don’t watch the show. I’m kind of allergic to my face so don’t watch the show and I haven’t watched it but I do know that the people who are responsible for making the show take the violence extremely seriously. I know that unless it advances character and story, it doesn’t belong in the show.

“I know that these are good friends of mine that steer the ship and I know that they take it seriously.”

That is a diplomatic answer and one, for fans of the comic, know really represents what we need to know about Negan in the most shocking way possible. However, will that kind of violence continue? Yes but not exactly:

“I hate to break it to you but I do think that the show without humor and without love and hope and friendship and joy is not our show. It’s a real mixed bag this season, it’s a very different season. I’m thrilled, I’m very excited, I think this season is magnificent and very bold and you can probably tell from the season premiere. They continue to take very big risks.”

Executive Producer, Greg Nicotero has also put his 2 cents in saying:

“That means we have done something to affect these people in a way they don’t necessarily know how to process.”

So while I wouldn’t expect the violence to go away as Negan isn’t someone who changes and is either going to have to stay in charge or be forcefully removed, the tone of the show itself won’t be lost and our characters will still have plenty of character development.

Are you done with ‘The Walking Dead’ or more excited than ever at where the show is taking us? Are you looking forward to seeing how Rick and his survivors handle the fallout from the season premiere? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book

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