Last year New Line Cinema had reportedly made ‘Y: The Last Man’ a priority film and had even tapped new comer Dan Trachenberg to direct. All of that sounded great for fans of the series but now it looks like things aren’t going that well after all.

In fact, according to co-creator of the 60 book series Brian K Vaughn, New Line Cinema is only a few months away from losing the rights to the film! They’ve been taking far too long in getting the project into production and are about to lose their chance.

“It’s my understanding that the rights to “Y: The Last Man” will revert back to co-creator Pia Guerra and me for the first time in a decade if the planned New Line adaptation doesn’t start shooting in the next few months, so I expect there will be some “Y” news in 2014 either way.”

That statement gives fan good news one way or another. Either New Line will finally (after nearly a decade) get the first in what could be a profitable series going, OR, Guerra and Vaughn could regain rights and start shopping the series around elsewhere. With how clearly hot comic adaptations are on the big screen or even the small screen these days, that probably wouldn’t be too hard to. With 60 issues it could easily be turned into a multi-movie or multi-season series and there’s clearly an audience for either.

Are you excited to hear an update on the film? Would you prefer to see New Line push it into production or for the rights to revert to the original creators to work with a company who isn’t going to take a decade to go from already released source material to the big (or small) screen?

Source: CBR