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Bruce Willis (‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For‘, ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘) is no stranger to offbeat science fiction and action genre films with roles in films such as ‘Looper‘ and ‘The Fifth Element’.  That being said, I’m curious to see what he’s going to do in the new film ‘Vice’ as he’s just been attached to star. The film seems to fall more in line with ‘Sin City’ or ‘Red’ in terms of the level of graphic violence that is implied that we might see.

The movie itself is described as ‘Westworld‘ meets ‘Grant Theft Auto’ giving us a future resort full of androids. The catch is that the androids’ memories are reset each night and any damage that may have occred is erased and the androids are restored so that the rich can live out their darkest fantasies where anything goes. The problem arises when one of the female androids suffers a glitch and remembers what happened to her and vows revenge on humanity.

I  hope the film is able to capture not only a unique look into this world but doesn’t delve into a ‘torture porn’ styled horror film. With who is attached so far, I don’t see that as likely to happen but you never know. It’ll be interesting to see the film evolve from the massively spoiled world of the rich into a thing of horror as I’m sure that will be the guiding arrow. Maybe it’ll have a ‘Kill Bill’ kind of feel to it?

Willis has been tapped to play the owner of the resort while the android will be played by Ambyr Childers (‘2 Guns’,’Gangster Squad’), Childers is also the wife of Randall Emmett (‘The Amityville Horror’, ‘Rambo’) who picked up the film with George Furla (‘End of Watch’, ‘Lone Survivors’). The film itself was written by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore who were both responsible for writing upcoming films ‘San Andreas‘ and more importantly ‘The Prince’ which Willis also stars in. Clearly he’s enjoying their work if he’s back for a second film with them.

So what do you think? Does ‘Vice’ sound like its got the right kind of crazy to make for a good role for Willis? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter