I’d say that coming face to face with a spouse you thought long dead, even for a vampire whose best friends are two werewolves and a ghost, would be a kick in the proverbial teeth. Last week’s final scene gave Aidan the surprise of his unlife when Susanna came a knock, knock, knocking on his door. Obviously, she’s a part of the vampire family and that’s confirmed when she’s unable to get into the house despite Aidan’s invitation.

Back at the camp, Sally watches Josh sleep when she comes to the decision; with her great power comes the responsibility to help those you care about. She wants to use her newfound abilities to help Josh, knowing that Donna’s magic, though it scares Nora, is what probably put Josh in this position in the first place. They can’t just sit and hope for the best—they’ve been doing that for the past three months. It’s time to act.

Bishop is the first face Susanna comes across after her turn

Finally over the shock of his wife standing before him, Aidan and Susanna stand out by the water, trying to figure out how they got here. Susanna flashes back to her death and subsequent resurrection by Bishop. She wakes up afraid and horrified at what she’s become. Bishop tries reaching her, telling her that she and Aidan can live an eternal love. She cannot accept the truth of his words, of her new life and runs from him.  

After her talk with Nora, Sally walks through the field—and two worlds—until she comes across Donna’s book of spells. She drops in on Aidan and Susanna as the two discuss their son’s death as a grandfather. Sally does a bit of joking at Susanna’s expense before she realizes the other woman can see her. Sally is pumped to have a thing of the real world that she can touch and tells Aidan they need to get back to Josh as she’s going to get him back. When Aidan gets to the trailer and finds out Sally’s plan, like Nora’s original reaction, he’s far from sold on the plan. His approach is one of caution; magic, more than most things, has consequences, ones that aren’t always readily expected. Nora is the one that makes the decision, telling her friends “let’s do this.”

Aidan makes sure the perimeter is safe and returns to Sally and Nora as the former explains how Josh’s condition is tied to the lunar cycle. The waning moon is the time when banishment spells are cast; they just need one more ingredient…the blood of a woman on her menstrual cycle. The winner of the Playtex sweepstakes is Nora, who’s horrified by Aidan’s ability to ‘sniff her out’, so to speak. The levity of the exchange helps to break the seriousness of the spell they are casting. Sally begins the first part and jumps into the pen, directing Aidan and Nora to the second phase: driving a dagger through Josh’s heart. Nora takes the blade to complete this part but Josh attacks when he sees the knife. The distraction is enough for Aidan to jump in and complete that part. Problems occur when Sally disappears and wolf Josh remains that way and nothing looks as if it’s going to change. Sally is sent through to another home but this time it’s to the first day Josh and Aidan moved in; she’s traveling through time.

Aidan stares at his best friend’s unmoving best form, the guilt of killing Josh mounting up inside of him before a human hand darts out of the wolf husk’s mouth. He calls to Nora and the two end up cutting Josh out of the lifeless wolf. They get him home but despite Nora’s giddiness, Josh seems more than a bit outside of himself, like a part of him is missing. The thought of him not being all there is given more credence when Sally reappears and tells Nora she hadn’t completed the spell yet. The sight of Josh pushes away the potential issues the incomplete spell may have as, just like Nora, Sally’s just so happy her wolfy friend is back in his human skin.

Allowing Nora and Josh time alone, Aidan decides to pay Susanna a visit to finish up their conversation. He doesn’t see the cross-shaped stake behind her back but it does hint that she was possiblly expecting someone else.

Sally and Josh, best friends back together

He asks the biggest question on everyone’s mind; why did she hide from him for all these years? She just couldn’t do it, “not with Bishop by your side.” She says that Bishop mistreated her and decided she was not worthy for Aidan. But it wasn’t until hearing of Bishop’s death by Aidan’s hand as well as the vampire Captain Tripps nearly wiping their species out that she realized there were too many unanswered questions to not at least get in touch with him.  She’s not back to rekindle things and tells him they “should let the past stay in the past.” She doesn’t want to intrude on the life he’s built and uses that as a final chance to dismiss him from her. Aidan ends up returning home, lots of stuff on his mind when he finds Kat camped out in his bed, stained with highlighter and some very sexy lingerie.  He starts on the ordinariness of their current life and, though it sounds as if he’s ready to dismiss her, he blurts out those three words. “Kat, I love you.” Okay, so it’s four words.

Whereas Aidan and Kat are caught in the happiness of their moment, Susanna flashes back to a darker time, her first true hunger. After running from Bishop the need to feed is overpowering and she sees a vision of Aidan telling her to feed, “just this once.” She allows the monster to take over and finds a delicious first meal. A meal that’s none other than their son, Isaac. Bishop comes across his broken progeny and tells her that she must leave and he will keep her secret. For her unforgiveable act, Susanna self-flagellates, tearing into her back with a monstrous whip…her physical punishment on top of the unending emotional torment.

Nora continues her understandable giddiness on Josh’s return though he’s not quite as jovial. Sally gets a few minutes with him and tells him of her own travels and the pain involved throughout. She knows it may take some time for him to adjust but she promises Josh they will all be there, they will wait for him. Before taking her leave, Sally mentions to Josh that he “would tell me if there was something wrong.” He gives her a partial truth; he’s exhausted. But there is something very wrong as, when Josh stares at his reflection in the mirror, the eyes of the wolf stare back at him.

Our Actions, Our Consequences

  • In the world of ‘Being Human’, like in the real world, our actions have consequences. Some of these we know while others are the most unexpected. When magic is brought into the picture, we know the supernatural aspects can often be greater than we’re able to pay. Sally’s line about the ritual not being completed is somewhat forgotten about in lieu of Josh’s return to the land of the bipeds. We’re reminded that things aren’t hugs and puppies when Josh’s eyes are that of his alter ego…the werewolf.
  • Consequences also bring varying degrees of guilt. Susanna’s unintentionally feeding on her son has forever scarred her with the worst possible guilt; that of a mother losing her child. The physical punishment she performs on herself is dwarfed by the emotional cavern pulsating inside of her. The only thing worse for Susanna would be for Aidan to find out the truth about Isaac’s fate.