The Weinstein Company is shuffling its release schedule and as a result, fans looking forward to ‘Vampire Academy‘ will get to experience the film adaptation of Richelle Mead’s YA novels a week earlier.  The film was scheduled for Valentine’s Day, but will now open on February 7th.  It is being flip-flopped with David Frankel’s ‘One Chance’ which moves from the 7th to the 14th.  The Nicole Kidman Grace Kelly biopic ‘Grace of Monaco’ was originallt slated for a February 14th opening but was removed and as of now, has not been rescheduled.

‘Vampire Academy’ revolves around Rose Hathaway (Zooey Deutch) a Dhampir Guardian, whose job is to protect her best friend Lissa Dragomire (Lucy Fry) a Moroi (peaceful, nonimmortal vampire).  While the trailer features the typical vampire action, explosions and drama, but differentiating this film from those dour movies that came before, a special emphasis is placed on dark humor.  The creative team behind this movie has quite a pedigree.  Screen writer Daniel Waters wrote ‘Heathers’ and director Mark Waters directed ‘Mean Girls’.  (They’re brothers.)

Cinema Blend picked up on something that may vary from the books, though:

One other thing stood out to me in this particular trailer, which is the mention that a “new breed is out for blood.” In the book, the threat comes from the Strigoi vampires. They’re the immortal, murderous, allergic to sunlight-type vampires that have a particular appetite for Moroi vampire blood, and unless I’m mistaken, they’re not new. Am I forgetting something about the book or is that a shift from the original story? Either way, anyone catch this creepy looking snippet that followed the mention of the “new breed”?

You can check out the action… and comedy-packed trailer below:

The ‘Mean Girls’ comparison is stressed on this international poster:

 So if you’re a fan of the book series, are you thrilled that the movie is headed to theaters a week early?  Or does this put a stake through your Valentine’s plans?

Source: Cinema Blend