The second season of ‘Under the Dome‘ is coming and we’ve got loads of plot information to dole out to you today! The first season of ‘Under the Dome’ had such an impact with fans that Stephen King had to write an open letter to some of the naysayers to give the show a chance. With the smash ratings on both television and streaming on Amazon Prime, fans seemed to listen as it was an amazing success with ratings barely found during the summer months.

So what happens when the second season kicks in? Well for starters, King himself is writing the first episode which will be a huge help as the show is quickly deviating even more from the book at this point. According to executive producer Brian K. Vaughn (‘Lost’):

“The second season is going to take us places the book never got to go, he’s bringing his own twists and turns. Stephen King gave us ideas we’ve never imagined. What’s outside [the dome] comes inside.”

So a lot of what we’re going to be seeing in the second season is from one of the questions in the first seasons. Why is the dome there? To protect the townsfolk? No clue if they’ll explain why exactly they were the ones chosen to be protected quite yet. Of course it’s hard to move forward with a plot without adding more characters in a show like this, but thankfully we have plenty of townsfolk who haven’t been introduced yet including Junior’s uncle whose been hiding (though when he does show up will it will be to cause problems for Barbie. Barbie isn’t the only one having problems with newly introduced characters as a young schoolteacher is also going to come in who will start to give Big Jim another person who is just standing in his way.

Speaking of Big Jim, with new problems coming his way, you’d think things couldn’t get stranger for the cast but it sounds like the teaser trailer also shows him kissing Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez). I can’t imagine a scenario where that actually makes any kind of sense short of a dream (okay, nightmare) sequence but that’s why I’m not a television writer!

If all of that didn’t throw enough of a kink into things, executive producer Neal Baer also informed that two “fan favorites” will be dying in the first episode of the upcoming season. Whose biting the big one? We’ll have to wait until the show returns this summer to find out!

Any thoughts on which cast members they are going to be killing off? Thoughts on the Big Jim and Sherif Esquivel romance? Share your thoughts below!

Season 2 of ‘Under the Dome’ premieres on CBS on Monday, June 10th, at 10pm ET/PT.

Source: Zap 2 It