“I am glad tis night, you do not

Look on me, for I am much ashamed

Of my exchange.”

Wesen street gangs battling for turf, the secrets we keep and a surprisingly bad-ass veterinarian lead this week’s ‘Grimm’ as it also explores a different side of Hank.

Alicia and Juliette are having lunch at a café, talking about what Alicia needs to do next since leaving her ass of a hubby. Nick arrives and, when Alicia leaves the table, tells Juliette that her dear old college friend is a Wesen—a Fuschbau, to be exact. Juliette is floored by this newest informational gem and can’t help but be a little awkward when Alicia comes back to the table. None of them see the crazy hubby, Joe, watching from the street. The same night at an out of the way diner, Joy and her boyfriend Jared flirt while she’s working. After taking his leave, Jared is witness to the brutal murder of Alonzo, a Wesen and gang member. He shouts out to the attackers and just barely gets away, thanks in part to a second witness that left the diner. It doesn’t take long for Nick, Hank and Wu to get to the scene. Nick chats with the second witness that describes the kid and car he was driving while Hank gets a bit of info on the victim from Joy. A terrified Jared calls Joy who sways him from talking to the cops. Unfortunately for him, the gang leader, Trev, is hellbent on erasing any and all loose ends to their crime.

Back at the house, Alicia’s browsing for some potential apartments when Juliette, rife with tension, blurts out to knowing Alicia’s Wesen status. Stunned and defensive, Alicia leaves the room without admitting anything to her best friend. At the station, Hank, Nick and Renard suss things out about the North End gang when Wu comes in with more info on the Impala and its driver. They pay a visit to the owner and Hank recognizes her as Zuri, his physical therapist. Her brother returns home with some groceries and, when he recognizes Hank and Nick as cops, tries to run. You can’t run from a Grimm and Nick walks him down before he can even get to the street. They take him to the station and he refuses to cooperate, reiterating that he’s “seen nothing”. Hank tries to convince Zuri to talk to him but she knows all about how things work when gangs are involved.

Nick and Hank end up paying a visit to the recently conscious girlfriend of the murder victim and Nick uses her terror of his Grimm status to get info on the assailants, members of the Seven Street Savages.

Hank watches over Zuri and her brother in protective custody

They stop by the shop to get a bit more insight on Wesen gangs from Monroe and Rosalee, with the young Fuschbau surprisingly helpful. She knows about the North Hen Crew from her less than savory past and tells them of the gang’s members all being yaguarate. The Seven Street Savages are Seattle-based and never encroach on the Portland scene, which can only mean they are gearing up for a turf war. After their friends leave, Rosalee and Monroe share an “awwww” moment when she admits her relief at not needing to hide a past she’s not too proud of. On the other side of things, Joy calls Jared as she leaves the diner but their conversation is interrupted by Zuri and he doesn’t hear when she’s taken by Trev, the leader of the trio of baddies.

Hank gives Zuri a call, to check on her and her brother. The call comes at the right time; two of the Seven Street thugs arrive to take out Jared but Hank’s able to call for police support to drive them away. Such a close call convinces Jared to cooperate and Renard puts the teen and his sister in protective custody, where Hank takes it upon himself to be someone to watch over [her]. Rosalee continues to be the fountain of knowledge when she gives Juliette some good advice on Alicia’s frame of mind when it comes to sharing such a big secret.

The next morning as Hank spends time with Zuri and Jared, the former asks him why he stayed. “I just wanted to make sure everything went well,” he tells her and they continue to bond

Juliette showing that Nick’s not the only bad ass in the house

over breakfast while Nick’s trying to work for damage control when Alicia freaks after Juliette calls him out as a Grimm. He ends up being blindsided by a raging Joe but his abilities are not needed once Juliette goes on the offensive, kicking Joe’s ass through the kitchen with a bit of help from Alicia.  As he ushers the now terrified Joe away, Alicia shows Juliette her true nature and the two friend embrace with a promise of no secrets.

Zuri and Hank are in the midst of great conversation until Hank realizes Jared’s gone, having called Joy’s number from the detective’s phone. A frightened Jared rushes to Joy’s intent on helping his girlfriend from the gang. When they take him down and his eyes flash yellow, we all know things are about to heat up. It doesn’t take long for Nick and Hank to arrive. Trev dispatches his other two guys to take care of the cops while he strong arms Jared. But they teen isn’t ready to given in, throwing on his game face and knocking Trev down long enough to get Joy out of danger. Nick and Hank take out the other baddies but Trev recovers in time to corner Jared. Seconds before he’s able to pull the trigger, Zuri crashes the party and tears out his throat. Nick covers, telling Hank to get her out while he takes care of Jared and the rest of the scene. Zuri’s surprised at Hank’s ease of dealing with her nature, even more so when he wants to see where things can go between the two of them. Despite him not caring about their differences, Zuri does and shuts him down. Hurt and disappointed, Hank can only wish her good luck and walk away.

Grimm News

  • While we’ve been able to see the personal aspects of Nick, Juliette, Monroe, Rosalee, and even Renard, we’ve never really seen that side of Hank until now. In a lot of ways, this was his episode and being treated to an intimate peek into his character adds an even greater depth into him.
  • No one saw this coming. It’s safe to say that Juliette’s a certified bad ass. Her all-out assault on Joe went beyond just some self-defense classes. There was a preternatural speed and grace in her movements and it only brings about more questions, something ‘Grimm’ is old hat at doing and (generally) doing well.
  • No matter how well you know someone, everyone has secrets. These secrets can often be small but there are also the whoppers out there where people fear that, despite overcoming, they will still be judged by mistakes of the past. “Eyes of the Beholder” does an excellent job reminding us that we can be honest to those most important to us because, if they truly care, they will not hold the past against us. The past is just that and, as long as we are dedicated to making a difference in ourselves, the past should remain in the rearview, a reminder of how far we’ve come.