UPDATE: According to the series co-creator Mark Frost (‘Fantastic Four’,’Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer’) via his Twitter account,  he called the casting call “Another strange baseless rumor” While he could be out of the loop, trying to keep the truth quiet for a surprise, or is saying that a continuation of the show and not just a tease for a blu-ray release is a rumor – this probably means any new footage most likely isn’t going to happen. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more but the original post of what we were expecting goes as follows:

We have good news and bad news for fans of ‘Twin Peaks’. Good news: they can breath a sigh of happiness as David Lynch (‘Dune’, ‘Lost Highway’) is going back into production – something many fans have been wanting to happen for years!

Are we going to see a return to the Red Room? Well, that’s part of the bad news as his return is only going to be for a promo for the series and not an actual return to the small screen. The details of this special ‘Twin Peaks’ footage isn’t revealed but the rumor mill has it being included in the special features of the upcoming Blu-ray set that is set to be the most extensive home release ‘Twin Peaks’ fans have ever had a chance of seeing.

What will this special Blu-ray set contain, you ask? Expect to see the full series, the film ‘Fire Walk with Me’, a ton of deleted footage, special features, and this new little promo. We don’t know a lot of of who’s going to be in it but there was a casting call recently which indictad they are looking for a specific type of female for the shoot:

Hot Caucasian Girl – Brunette or Redheads Only. To play waitress, 18-27. Must have an amazing body, busty, very period face.

So while we’re not getting a full continuation or reboot of the series as many would hope, at least there will be some new footage. The consolation prize, if you could call it that, is we still have M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Wayward Pines‘ that will be done in a similiar style. Sure Shyamalan’s recent films have been iffy at best when he’s been in the director’s chair but we’ll see how he does on the small screen.

So tell me fans, are you excited for something new that takes place in the ‘Twin Peaks’ universe or are you a bit annoyed that a new promo is all we’ll be getting?

Source: CinemaBlend, Digital Spy.