It’s a rematch that’s over 40 years in the making – Captain Kirk vs. the Gorn – but this time they battle over a video game.

In a funny marketing ploy, William Shatner is seen playing ‘Star Trek: The Video Game’ and is a bit miffed that his gaming partner isn’t watching his back. As the camera pans to the side, we see it’s a Gorn. The interaction quickly escalates and the Gorn and Shatner begin to fight – using with the same choreography as their classic fight in the original series. But the years have not been kind to either of them and before long, they both get winded and decide they are too old for all this.

Considering Shatner’s Captain Kirk has been re-advatared into a younger version that looks like Chris Pine and the Gorn in the video game is much more fearsome than the original, the commercial does a good job of parodying the two character and makes for an entertaining and hilarious watch.

Check out the fight (as well as a glimpse of the original battle) as well as some snippets from the actual game in the trailer below.

‘Star Trek: The Video Game’ hits stores on April 23.