Marvel is getting back into the business of original graphic novels. This return to the form all started with ‘Avengers: Endless Wartime’ by Warren Ellis and will be followed by ‘Spider-Man: Family Business’ and ‘X-Men: No More Humans’. But now the House of Ideas is bringing back the man who wrote ‘The Death of Captain Marvel’, the very first Marvel Comics OGN released over 30 years ago, and is reuniting him with arguably the most popular character that he’s created.

After teasing this project for many months, announced earlier this week that Jim Starlin would be writing and penciling a brand new Thanos story this year in the form of the original graphic novel titled ‘Thanos: The Infinity Revelation’. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Starlin sums up his story in a nice little package:

“Thanos and Adam Warlock team up to deal with a universe imperiling event. Big changes are coming to everything and the Titan appears to be at the heart of this astral metamorphosis. The story concludes with a major change in Thanos’ status within the Marvel Universe, turning him into a greater threat than ever before.”

In addition to Adam Warlock, other major players in the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe will appear in ‘The Infinity Revelation’ such as Thanos’ Outriders, the Annihilators, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Silver Surfer. However, the issue of continuity comes into question here. The Mad Titan was last seen in his own solo series ‘Thanos Rising’ and as one of the central antagonists of the epic crossover ‘Infinity’, but the outcome of that event might bring some to believe that he’s out of commission. Well, the comic legend says that this new tale will take place some time after Jonathan Hickman’s hit series, so chances are that in the months leading up to this book’s release, we’ll be seeing some more of Thanos.

For a sneak peek at Jim Starlin’s first brand new Thanos story in a decade, check out the gallery below with art by Starlin, inks by Andy Smith, and colors by Frank D’Armata:

‘Thanos: The Infinity Revolution’ is set to hit the shelves in April 2014.