Communicating with fans on Twitter, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson revealed that in the coming year, he’d be collaborating with DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers to “create the cool bad assert.”  Unfortunately, that’s all he could say on the matter.

Here’s the actual tweet:

In the past, Johnson’s name has been attached to the role of Black Adam in the ‘Shazam!’ movie, but that film has stalled.  Does this mean he may be joining the cast of ‘Batman vs. Superman’?  Metallo has been mentioned as a possible villain in that movie. A movie based on Lobo is moving forward, so there’s another possibility and personally, I could definitely see him in that role.  Early last year, he even hinted that he might be playing Green Lantern/John Stewart, a role recently rumored to be in Denzel Washington’s future.  (Personally, The Rock might be better suited as a Guy Gardner type.)

Then again, it could be possible that Johnson is developing a new property that will appear as both a comic book and a movie?  Heck, really anything is possible at this point.

What do you think?  Who could you see Johnson portraying in a DC project?  Comment below with your suggestions!

Source THR