Sugar.  Spice.  Everything nice.  And Chemical X!  Butt kicking kindergarteners, the Powerpuff Girls are back!  Well, they will be in January!  Better known as Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, the girls were were created by Professor Utonium and used their powers to protect Townsville.  It looks as if nearly every element from the original series has been transferred to the new one, including Townsville’s bumbling Mayor, his assistant Sara Bellum, and of course Mojo Jojo, the devious green monkey mad scientist who was the main villain in the original series.

Illustrator and art director of the new series, Kevin Dart, released a new commercial preview for the special on his Tumblr, expressing “We put so much love into this thing,” he wrote. “I really hope you all like it!”

The episode is entitled “Dance Pantsted” and was directed by Dave Smith, who wrote and directed the original series.  Animation is provided by Stephane Coedal, Chris Turnham, Jasmin Lai and others.  The creator of the Powerpuff Girls, Craig McCracken was not involved in creating the new show(s).

Having been a fan of the originals, I’m actually surprised the property has been dormant for so long!  Didn’t everyone love the Powerpuff Girls?  I’m glad to see these pint-sized butt-kickers back to inspire a new generation.

Check out the trailer below:

Were you a fan of the originals?  Are you excited to see them back?  And what do you think of their redesign?  While I’ll always prefer their original appearance and the art style on the show as a whole, I don’t mind them getting a slightly more modern revamp.

The special airs on January 20, 2014 on the Cartoon Network and guest stars Ringo Star as Fibonacci Sequins.

Source THR