It still feels like the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International is a lifetime away but what makes them the best Comic-Con in the world is that they are prepared. So much so that they are already heavily into booking guests for next year’s top convention for pop culture in the world. If they weren’t on top of their game, they wouldn’t be celebrating their 45th year in giving us the latest and greatest of comic book news and more!

Running from from July 24th to the 27th at the San Diego Convention Center, we’re just about 7 months away from the largest event for comic and science fiction fans around the world. Sure we get news announcements all year but the biggest and the best tend to stem from this singularity of awesomeness!

So who is already lined up you may ask? Well there’s already quite a few so I’m going to cherry pick some of my favorites!


  • Amanda Conner (‘Power Girl’, ‘Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre’)
  • Graham Nolan (‘Detective Comics’,’The Phantom’)
  • Fiona Staples (‘Saga’)


  • Jane Espenson (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’)
  • Raymond Feist (‘Riftwar Saga’)
  • Caitlin R.Kiernan (‘The Drowning Girl: A Memoir’,’Alabaster:Wolves’)
  • Jimmy Palmiotti (‘Painkiller Jane’)
  • Scott Snyder (‘Batman’,’Superman Unchained’)

Now obviously this is but a drop in the bucket of everyone that will be in attendance guest wise and doesn’t even begin to cover which companies will be announcing new comics, story lines, books, toys, or films! I’m sure the next seven months will be full of announcements, viral advertising, and more!

With 7 months away what big announcements would you like to see at the next SDCC? Marvel’s plans for their next Phase? More information on DC movies or their television universe? Maybe all of the comic book companies getting together and agreeing to quit relaunching their titles with #1’s every single year? Share your thoughts below!

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