There’s nothing like a good fight scene. Your adrenaline pumps. Your mouth is agape in awe. You clench your half-eaten bag of popcorn, rooting for the hero… or for the villain depending on what beloved actor is playing him or her.

2013 was a great year for epic fights, especially in the sci-fi genre. Lucky for us, Total Film compiled the 50 top fights of 2013. Here are some sci-fi fights that made the cut.

49. ‘Riddick’ – Riddick fights with a machete – – using his foot.

48. ‘Warm Bodies’ – Zombies attack to the tune of “Missing You” by John Waite.

32. ‘This is the End’ – Hermoine attacks with an axe.

29. ‘The World’s End’ – Trouble brews in the men’s loo.

25. ‘Elysium’ – Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley have their final fight.

18. ‘World War Z’ – Brad Pitt obliterates a zombie even when the fasten seatbelt light is turned on.

13. ‘The Wolverine’ – Wolverine battles a Yakuza gangster on a train. Literally.

11. ‘Pacific Rim’ – Kaijus emerge from a portal in the Pacific Ocean.

10. ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ – Spock employs the Vulcan nerve pinch.

5. ‘Thor – The Dark World’ – Pesky portals get in the way!

3. ‘Iron Man 3’ – Tony Stark brings in his remote-controlled suits for help during the final battle.

1. ‘Man of Steel’ – Superman and Zod decimate Metropolis in attempt to decimate each other.

For the full list, you can head over to Total Film. In the meantime, what do you think? Was this a knock out list or should they have just gone back to the gym?