The cowardly Gregory returns to Hilltop, where he is angrily confronted by Maggie for having sided with Negan.  Maggie then attempts to rally the people of Hilltop to side with Rick’s forces.  Elsewhere, Michonne arrives back at Alexandria to make sure things are okay there.

But unfortunately, Rick’s attempt to take down Negan’s outposts goes horribly wrong… but not as wrong as Ezekiel’s similar mission, who now questions siding with Rick.

There are actually a few notable deaths in this issue including one that upset me the most since Glenn’s.

Things still haven’t hit the fan, but there’s more story to come.  At least there was a little bit of zombie action, something that’s been noticeably absent over the last year or so.  Last month, Holly suddenly took on a significant role.  This time it’s Maggie’s turn.  Maggie has been so incredibly useless and annoying for… seriously YEARS in real time.  I’d actually come to hate her character and wishing for her death.  But now she seems to be stepping up a little, so that’s good I guess.

And yes there was one horrible death, but the second most notable was just another indication that this cast has gotten bloated with under-developed nobodies.  If I know nothing about a character, I don’t care when they die and that’s what happened here.  I thought this character had potential, but it was never realized, so meh.

So overall, this book is still not moving along as briskly as I’d like.  But it’s picking up, so that’s good.  Not to sound sadistic, but there are still a few cast members that I wouldn’t mind seeing killed off.  Since Rick and the others arrived in Alexandria, the book’s been too crowded.  But who will live and who will die?  That remains to be seen.



Written by Robert Kirkman
Pencils and Cover by Charlie Adlard