David Morrell ( creator of ‘Rambo’ and a New York Times best selling author) recently penned the exceptionally well written ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ #700.1. This week the second part of his story was released in #700.2 and he called it “terrible”. After reviewing the issue, we have to agree with his statement and have no idea how the second issue came from the mind of the man behind the first one.

Apparently, it didn’t. Not exactly at least. His name is all over the cover as the writer but apparently what he wrote for the second issue and what ended up in print weren’t quite the same thing. In fact, Morrell stated his experience about what ended up being published was such a “terrible version” that he plans on quitting writing comics completely because of it!

Apparently someone didn’t agree with how amazing the first issue was and wanted a slightly less jaded Spidey tale.

“Someone at Marvel changed my captions, added weak jokes, repeated captions, deleted captions from panels that needed them, and inserted one caption that contradicts the theme. When I saw this early version, I sent three pages of corrections to Marvel. I was assured that my changes had been made, but for whatever reason the terrible version got printed, destroying the poignant tone of part one.”

For anyone who had read the comic the first issue felt truly like a Parker who was down on his luck. Tired, broken, exhausted. In the second issue we had fleeting moments of him doing the right thing regardless of his exhaustion. There were moments here which felt completely fitting though so much of it felt off and not like the first issue at all.

Now we know why.

With how much Marvel changed his work Morrell commented:

“… (It has) been such a disappointing experience that I’m finished with writing in this form. It’s an exciting medium … My goal was extremely high: to make readers actually believe in the characters. The first part was poignant and moving, I thought. Now part two starts with weak jokes that destroy the continuity.”

In what had shaped up to be one of the better Parker story in years (even aside from the fact that Doc Ock is running around as Parker at the moment) it ended feeling stale and flat. Whoever was responsible for this really needs to be let go since it caused Marvel to lose access to one of the better storytellers they could have tapped for future story lines.

On the upside, according to Morrell, we’ll be seeing a collectors edition that will be published showing the comic as it was meant to be and I for one can’t wait to see its release!

“It’s all being settled. The corrected version will appear in a book collection.”

If you’ve read the issue what are your thoughts? Did you see a drastic change between the two as I did or did you feel it flowed properly? Sound off below!

Source: Comic Book Resources