It’s pretty standard to see trailers for upcoming Marvel’s movies like ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, but lately they’ve been releasing trailers for their comic book events as well. There was one for ‘Age of Ultron’, one for ‘Infinity’, and now there’s one for ‘Inhumanity’, which chronicles the events of the Marvel Universe after Black Bolt unleashed millions of new Inhumans thanks to the Terrigen Bomb.

Despite the event’s main title ‘Inhuman’ from Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel being delayed, the crossover has begun with books like ‘Inhumanity’ #1, ‘Avengers Assemble’ #22, ‘Avengers A.I.’ #7, and ‘Mighty Avengers’ #4. But if you’re weary about jumping in because you’re a bit lost in continuity, this handy trailer sets the stage pretty well for what’s to come, including the introduction of many new heroes and villains such as the all-new Ms. Marvel. To find out more about the latest happenings from the House of Ideas, check out the video below, followed by a synopsis for the story:

They have existed for centuries. Hidden from the world, they have evolved in seclusion. Now the strange race of genetically enhanced beings known has the Inhumans have been thrust to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. The cataclysmic events of ‘Infinity’ have left the Inhuman city of Attilan in ruins. It’s king – the mighty Black Bolt is missing, believed dead. Attilan’s destruction has unleashed the catalytic Terrigen Mists upon the planet Earth.

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Source: Comic Book Movie