DC scored a major hit a few years ago with a weekly comic called ’52’ written by four of its most popular writers, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid.  The story involved the temporary retirement of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  In their place other characters like Booster Gold and Black Adam took centerstage.  DC followed that up with a less successful weekly book ‘Countdown’ which failed to live up to ’52”s success, so it appears that DC backed away from the format.

It looks  like enough time has passed, however, for the publisher to try again.  In May, for its entry for ‘Free Comic Book Day’ DC will be offering issue #0 of ‘The New 52: Futures End’.  Once again, the book will be penned by four writers, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen and Brian Azzarello.  With ’52’, DC utilized their hottest writers, who were all relatively young and growing in popularity.  This time, they are combining two hot, newer writers, Lemire and Azzarello with Jurgens and Giffen, two writers who have contributed to DC’s lore for decades.

The story will showcase different time periods, showcasing Frankenstein in the past, Firestorm in the present and fan-favorite animated character Batman Beyond in the future.  Based on the cover it looks like Terry McGinnis is going to battle an OMAC-controlled Justice League.

According to Lemire, the series will explore “the nature of what a hero is… by playing with the future of the New 52 timeline.”

Don’t expect the book to solely focus on these three heroes, either.  “That’s definitely one of our mandates,” Lemire states, “to create new characters and new concepts that will hopefully have a life beyond the series.”

DC has been essentially throwing everything against the wall since its relaunch “to see what sticks” essentially.  They’ve offered horror books, military books, westerns, fantasies and offered series to characters like Katana and Vibe, obscure characters with little fanbase.  We can only wonder what these new concepts will be in this upcoming series.

What do you think?  Are you intrigued to explore the future of the New 52?

Source THR