It certainly is becoming a brave new world, thanks in part to Amazon. The once online bookstore is now developing a program called “Prime Air” that will utilize drones to deliver orders to customers. These drones, called Octocopters, come equipped with a GPS tracking device that will deliver your orders right to your front door within 30 minutes.

Amazon’s new drone program was announced after an episode of ’60 Minutes’ where CEO Jeff Bezos surprised correspondent Charlie Rose with a special sneak peak of the Octocopters.

“They actually look like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel,” stated ’60 Minutes’ producer Draggan Mihialovich. In the video posted below, Mihialovich also states that the drones resemble giant tarantulas.

Of course, you shouldn’t be expecting to see Amazon drones flying through the air just yet. With safety concerns and the ever-so-important FAA approval, it could take years before Amazon Air gets implemented.

And it will get implemented, according to Charlie Rose.

“If I had to bet on pulling it off versus not pulling it off, I’d bet on pulling it off. Everything has not been a success at Amazon. But the successes far out-weigh the failures.”

Bezos, who says he’s ever the optimist, expects to see drones flying in our sky in hopefully 3-4 years.

There could be some benefits to these drones. You’ll no longer have to feel embarrassed about answering the door in your bathrobe. (After all, you and I both know that drones don’t judge.) Furthermore, you’ll no longer have to worry about tipping the delivery person. Plus, a 30 minutes or less guarantee? That’s better than most pizza places!

Source: CBS News