After ‘Transformers’ made an ungodly amount of money at the box office (and its sequels made even more), it was natural to assume that vintage toys were the new vampires.  Hasbro immediately began developing movies based on their properties including ‘Stretch Armstrong’ with Taylor Lautner from ‘Twilight’ attached to star.  Unfortunately, that really didn’t turn out to be the case.  ‘G.I. Joe’ underperformed and ‘Battleship‘ downright bombed.  Plus Lautner’s first headlining role in the movie ‘Abduction’ also bombed.  Essentially the project fell apart.

But some work had already been done on the project.  Now an animatic storyboard has surfaced which depicts an action sequence from the movie.  The drawings even look like Taylor Lautner!  And it actually looks like the movie could have been a lot of fun.  Stretch Armstrong is depicted as something of a “Plastic Man” type character, twisting and turning as he races down a street while being pursued by menacing villains.  (Even though he kind of starts out as a bad guy, it seems.)

The video is by storyboard artist Collin Grant and Animatic creator Jim Rothwell.

Check out this pretty cool black and white animated sequence below:

I mean… not bad right?  It could have been fun.  And although the part where the main character overhears the “Stretch Armstrong” toy commercial is cute… sorry, they haven’t made that toy in like twenty years.  Pushing it just a bit.  (Oh I’m sure if they’d made this movie, they would have gone back into production.)

What do you think?  Would you have seen a movie based on the classic toy “Stretch Armstrong”?  Starring Taylor Lautner?  Or would someone else have been a better fit?  Or more importantly, are there any toy lines that you think NEED to be made into movies?  I’d still like to see a ‘Jem’ movie provided it doesn’t star any of the current pop music skanks that are slutting up the radio.  Sound off below!

Source io9