“More and more she grew to love

Human beings and wished that she could

 leave the sea and live among them.”


Kids and nyads having a good time

When a group of kids is having fun at a lake, it’s only a matter of time before trouble finds them. Two girls are having fun when, just before hopping into the water, Sarah castigates her deaf sister who has eyes on Jake, for spying. Sarah lures Jake into the water and they do the things that people do when they like each…not too long afterwards, Dan is pulled under by the creature from the black lagoon and Jake goes to help his friend when he gets pulled under as well. He’s doing the dead man float when the deaf girl drags Jake from the water and resuscitates him.

Before things really get rolling, we get some downtime between Grimm’s two major couples. Rosalee is officially moving in and she’s wondering if it’s still a good idea. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliette are appreciating the little nothings of everyday living. Before he leaves, Nick tells Juliette to check his email for the final results of his physical. He arrives at the lake where Dan’s body has been pulled from the water. Nick and Hank visit Jake (who filed the missing person report) and he gives them some more information on the previous day’s events. He takes them to the spot where he and Dan were fishing when Nick’s super senses hones in on the deaf girl. He chases after her but she’s able to get to the water and get away but not before Nick realizes she’s a Wesen.

They return to the station and tell Renard about the girl and, after consulting with Rosalee and Monroe, verify from the books in the trailer that the girl’s a Nyad. Wu interrupts their research to drop the info on Jake’s stolen phone. It leads the partners to Abel Mahario, father of Sarah, Anna, and Elle. Jake identifies Sarah and Anna but the two girls try to play dumb but Nick’s not having it. They take the girls down to the station where, earlier Renard and Sebastian discussed Adalind and her apparent collaboration with Frau Pech. Renard even theorizes that Adalind’s the one who’s looking to sell a baby of royal blood.

While Nick and Hank interrogate the two girls, Abel talks to the two men that had arrived just as his daughters were being taken into the station. They blame him for what’s going on and threaten to “cut” Elle. Renard has no sympathy for the girls despite knowing they’ll die if they don’t get to water.

The detectives are led to the nyads and their father, Abel

Abel arrives at the station, taking the blame for Dan’s murder though Nick and Hank take it to him. They believe they can use him as leverage against his daughters. Jake ends up coming home to an open window and the smitten Elle ends up showing Jake her Nyad heritage. Jake’s wonder doesn’t last long as the two punks—Jesse and Dominic—blast him over the head and take Elle.

We get another shot of Monroe and Rosalee exorcising any doubts regarding the next step in their relationship before Nick hits the girls with the truth about their father. Though Anna tells her not to, Sarah explains a bit more about their culture. Evidently, male nyads are sterile (sucks to be them) so have to be okay with their women getting horizontal with humans and then raising those babies as their own. Jesse and Dominic are from Alaska where the beliefs are a bit more…old world, killing the human fathers soon after conception.  Jake calls Nick about Elle being taken and he asks Sarah where the nyads would go to cut Elle. Nick arrives at the boathouse with Hank and the two partners take down the two nyads. Nick jumps into the water to save the trussed up and KO’d Elle, going Super Grimm once again. He pulls Elle out of the water and Hank notices something’s not quite right. Nick’s skin has paled and he was underwater for quite some time. He brushes it off and is happy to see the family reunited. The next day Jake picks up Dominic in a lineup and he ends up telling the detectives about Elle and how she wasn’t normal. “Nobody is, Jake,” Nick replies. “It’s Portland.” Truer words were never spoken; Juliette reads the doctor’s report on Nick (a metabolism half that of a normal person) before seeing another email from “M” that offers Nick love.

Grimm News

  • So, Nick goes Super Grimm twice in this episode. How long before he’s able to truly hone his newfound abilities and takes those powers to Super Saiyan level…well, for a Grimm.
  • Though Juliette may not have been able to connect the dots, I’m sure the “M” ending the email to Nick with love is none other than his mother. She’s been gone since the start of season 2, doing her duty to hide the coins of Zakynthos. The concerns levied in her email hint at some serious tidings on their way to Portland.
  • Sounds like Renard may be in line to receive a little social bump as heir to his family’s fortunes. What would that mean for his position as Captain? And what type of enemies will pop up if he’s given the reins?

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