Yesterday we posted a few photos of the location filming for the 50th anniversary episode of ‘Doctor Who’ and today we have quite a bit more to share with you!

While Whovians were wondering what role Joanna Page would be playing, we now know her character will be of royal descent as in dictated in the pictures below:

Judging by the look of her Tudor style garments, the question now remains is what royal Page will be playing? Will she be someone new? Maybe she marks the return of Elizabeth I (who, if you recall, briefly had a dalliance with the 10th Doctor).  If it is the latter, this will be the third time the “Virgin” Queen will have appeared in the series: the first time the character was played by Vivienne Bennett in the 1965 episode ‘The Chase’ and she appeared again in 2007 by Angela Pleasance in ‘The Shakespeare Code’.  Beyond that, many references of her relationship with the Doctor have been made (‘The Beast Below’, ‘The End of Time Part 1’, ‘The Marriage of River Song’, ‘Amy’s Choice’ just to name a few).

We also have pictures of David Tennant in costume during a break in the filming. Looks like he’s wearing his brown pin-striped suit in this episode and having a private conversation with the person on the other line.

Lastly, a couple more shots of the Zygon (which just happens to be Tennant’s favorite monster of the series) and for those who love the magic of television, a shot of the TARDIS being put together. Sadly folks, it really is not bigger on the inside.

While nothing of the plot of the episode is revealed from these photos, it is still very exciting to see Tennant back as the 10th Doctor once again!

According to Jenna-Louise Coleman, the 50th anniversary episode is “completely paying homage to the last 50 years without dwelling on anything. It’s very much about looking forward while celebrating the legacy.”

Sounds like the episode will contain a lot of Easter eggs and nods to the classic series!  I don’t know about you, but all these teasers are going to drive me nuts waiting in anticipation until November. What do you think of the photos so far?

The untitled ‘Doctor Who’ special 50th anniversary episode is slated to air on television and premiere in theaters in November.


Source: Mirror