Sir Richard Branson and his son, Sam Branson appeared on ‘The Today Show’ to announce that NBC will be documenting Virgin Galactic’s first commercial flight into space. This event will possibly occur this summer.

As you probably already know, Sir Richard Branson has been working for years to make commercial spaceflights a reality. Most recently, Virgin managed to break the sound barrier with their latest tests. Furthermore, Branson plans to continue rocket testing that will be 2 times the sound barrier. If all goes as planned, early next year Virgin will send a test flight right to the edge of space. By next August 2014, Branson and his son, Sam and daughter, Holly, plan to board the first commercial flight into space.

The shuttle will take off from New Mexico and NBC will be there to document the whole event. Their coverage will include a primetime special as well as a 3-hour episode of ‘The Today Show’.

When asked about flying into space with his dad, Sam Branson seemed pretty level-headed.

“Any rational person would be slightly nervous about something like this,” Sam Branson stated. “But I trust the team. They’re an amazing, amazing group of people who are slogging away to make this a reality for lots of people around the world and its exciting.”

Yes, lots of people around the world will soon have access to fly into space. That is, lots of people around the world who can afford a $250,000 ticket. Over 700 people have reserved spaces on the Virgin Galactic, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Kate Winslet.

You can check out more in their interview below:

Source: CinemaBlend