Now that a script for ‘Ant-Man‘ is complete and the costume has at least been partially revealed, I’d expect to start hearing some concrete casting news soon.

The thing about Ant-Man/Hank Pym, is he’s one of those characters that doesn’t have an especially distinct personality.  But honestly, I’d say the same about the comic book versions of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, the latter of which explains why both Eric Bana and Edward Norton both failed to make him appealing to audience.  But when Mark Rufalo brought a laid-back, bemused charm to the role, it finally connected.  And Robert Downey Jr. took Stark, who is somewhat laid-back and cocky and cranked it over the top.  We saw how that worked out!

Most people, when thinking of Hank Pym only know he once smacked his wife Jan/The Wasp (The beating was much more brutal in ‘The Ultimates’) and that he’s struggled with mental issues.  The actor who steps into this role has their work cut out for him, trying to inject charisma and likeability into a somewhat sad sack character.  (He was so intimidated by his Avengers teammates that he reversed his shrinking formula and changed his name to Giant-Man.)

While rumors have Paul Rudd as the forerunner for Hank Pym, here is my list of actors who I think could bring some special something to the role.

10. Jesse Eisenberg

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Why He Would Work: He usually plays the awkward straight man in comedies, but in ‘The Social Network’. he channeled that awkwardness into a driven intensity.  He lightened things up in ‘Now You See Me’ switching on the charisma and proving he has the skill to lead a cast.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: He really hasn’t headlined his own movie yet.  With ‘The Social Network’, the attraction was the film itself.  In ‘Now You See Me’, Eisenberg may have been the main character, but he was surrounded by an ensemble that included Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Woody Harrellson.  Plus, he’s a bit young.

9. Michael C. Hall

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Why He Would Work: Playing Dexter, he displayed a scientist’s methodical nature and an off-center personality (I’m referring to Daylight Dexter, not the Dark Traveler).  As David on ‘Six Feet Under’ he also showed a knack for subtle comedy.  There’s just something quirky and unique about him that could perfectly serve the role of Hank Pym.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: He’s never done action or comedy that wasn’t of the dark variety.  He may bring too much of Dexter’s intensity which could make the possibility of his being violent toward Jan too intense.  Also he has never starred in a movie.

8. Charlie Day

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Why He Would Work: He kinda already did it, playing an endearingly awkward, fast talking scientist in ‘Pacific Rim’.  He’s more known as a comedian to begin with, starring in ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ for eight seasons.  Honestly, there’s not a lot of negative I can say except…

Why He Wouldn’t Work: He kinda already did it.  Also, he’s not yet a Hollywood leading man, but this could change that.

7. Donald Glover

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Why He Would Work: Geek cred for days.  He lobbied for the role of Spider-Man, which eventually went to Andrew Garfield.  His role as Troy on ‘Community’ showcased his nerd humor skills.  (Inspector Spacetime!)  He also did fantastic in a serious role on ‘Girls’.  Fun fact: He provides the voice of Marshall Lee on the gender swap episodes of ‘Adventure Time’!

Why He Wouldn’t Work:   Fan outcry over colorblind casting.  He’s never had a leading role and is sort of an unknown.  (‘Community’ is the very definition of a cult favorite.)

6. James Franco

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Why He Would Work: One of the quirkiest actors in Hollywood, he would bring an off-kilter, but still likeable spin to the character.  He’s clearly smart, which helps.  And despite it’s flaws, I thought he did a great job in ‘Oz, the Great and Powerful’.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: ‘Oz’ bombed and was panned by most critics.  He may have become typecast as a comedic stoner.  Maybe he’s too weird.

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt

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Why He Would Work: Many fans are upset that there won’t be a continuation of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ with his character John Blake assuming the mantle of Batman.  Would they be content seeing him in a different super hero role?  He’s one of the most well-respected young actors around these days.  Every woman loves him.  He’s possibly the best SNL host around next to Justin Timberlake.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: Having been in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, he could be considered a DC guy.  He may be too boyish.

4. Nathan Fillion

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Why He Would Work: He’s possibly the geekiest actor there is.  Everyone wants to see him play a super hero.  ANY super hero.  Joss Whedon made his career, so if the character transitions to ‘The Avengers’ franchise, he already has a leg up.  There’s really very little about him that isn’t perfect, and fans love him.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: He may be too old and he’s definitely put on a little weight since playing Captain Mal Reynolds.  His commitment to the show ‘Castle’ may conflict.

3. Simon Pegg

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Why He Would Work: Are you kidding?  He’s already made three incredible movies with Edgar Wright, which every fanboy adores.  He starred in the extremely nerdy UK series ‘Spaced’.  His role as Scotty in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ further cemented his geek cred.  He’s proven his killer comedy chops time and again.  His role in ‘Hot Fuzz’ , Nick Angel was played extremely deadpan, so he should be able to be more than just comic relief.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: Too obvious a choice, with his history with Wright.  He’s not a huge name in the US (or box office draw).  I’ve never heard him do an American accent, so the part may have to be recast as British.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

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Why He Would Work: He’s one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood, after the well-received BBC series ‘Sherlock’ and roles in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, ‘The Hobbit: And Unexpected Journey’ and the Oscar buzz-generating ’12 Years A Slave’.  His role as Sherlock in particular shows he can do eccentric with the best of them.  Not hard to look at.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: He’s also British.  After ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ underperformed, it may have diminished his buzz.  He isn’t quite a star yet.  He might make a better Mister Fantastic.

1. Alan Tudyk

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Why He Would Work: Watch anything he’s ever done, especially ‘Firefly‘ and ‘Serenity‘.  Like Fillion, he has an extensive history with Whedon.  Despite mostly doing comedy, he did go dark on ‘CSI’, so he can play serious as well.  He has the right hair color.  Oh and he’s the perfect choice.

Why He Wouldn’t Work:  He’s the least famous person on this list.  (But then again, Chris Pratt, the lead in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ isn’t a huge star, but they filled out the cast with some bigger names, so that could work here too!)

So those are my picks!  Who do you see playing the part?  Comment with your picks below!