One of the best things about being a fan is the amazing art that is created by devotees of the genre. Sometimes, the fan art is so impressive that it surpasses even the original creators’ work and needs to be shared.

Here, on, we want to feature those artists whose love of science fiction, horror and fantasy is expressed in their art, so we are doing a call out to all our readers! Whether your talent is in drawing, video or sculpture… we want to showcase you and your work in our weekly Fan Art Friday column.

This week’s theme is to go along with the fact that Friday is The Day of the Dead, so we want to see art related to horror, monsters and, of course, Halloween!

Not only that, we have a prize for those who turn in art work for this week’s Fan Art Friday ! Thanks to SQP Art Books, we will be giving away copies of ‘Glamourama – The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela’. Check out some of the images of the “Hollywood honeys that meet up with the creatures who go “rub in the night” that are included in the book:

Now before you get too excited and send in your art, you’ll need to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions (yeah, the legal department is making sure we mention this).  You can read it all here. Submitting your art work to will signify that you agree to the terms.

So if you have fan art that you’d like the world to see, send it to us at! And if we like what we see, it may be featured in our Fan Art Friday column!

Good luck!