David S. Goyer’s historical fantasy drama ‘DaVinci’s Demons’ will be returning to Starz in 2014 (date not yet determined) and in order to hype up the show’s second season, the network unveiled a new fast-paced trailer at New York Comic-Con.

The trailer is quickly cut, with lots of striking visuals and dialogue bites, but doesn’t really reveal much in terms of what actually transpires.  We do see uprisings against the Medicis, the Vatican up to no good, executions, talk of visions, demons and ghosts and something that “contains secrets that could put an end to wars forever” which presumably is the Book of Leaves.  Not to mention more of his inventions, many of which are historically accurate.  But the biggest reveal, is that the world is expanding.  DaVinci and his comrades set sail for new lands. Oh and sex.  I mean, it’s Starz, right?

Check out the trailer below:

Yes, DaVinci and his allies arrive in South America on their quest, but it appears the voyage there is anything but smooth.  (The clips seems to be out of chronological order, but I could be wrong.)  Back to those inventions, was that a submarine?!  Still many of the images are quite striking especially those in the New World which is much more vibrant and lush than the show’s regular Italian setting.

David S. Goyer previously announced that acclaimed comic book writers Jonathan Hickman and Matt Fraction would write two episodes of the new season.  At NYCC, he also revealed that the audience would learn about the Sons of Mithras and the Book of Leaves.  Explorer Amerigo Vespucci will be added as a series regular, but no casting was announced.

Since the show is still a few months off, the trailer remains quite cryptic, which is for the best since it is so steeped in mysteries and conspiracies.  But did you find it enticing?  Will you be checking out Season Two of  ‘DaVinci’s Demons’ when it returns to Starz?

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