On the final day of this year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel went out with a bang by ending with the ‘Spider-Man & Friends’ panel. Moderated by Spidey office head honcho Steve Wacker, this gathering featured editors Ellie Pyle, Tom Brennan, Jake Thomas, and Sana Amanat, artist Humberto Ramos, and writers Kelly Sue DeConnick, Nick Spencer, and (of course) Dan Slott as they all had some monumental news to announce.

As the name might suggest, we heard all about what’s to come for Superior Spidey. Before anything started, Slott reminded everyone that Peter Parker is dead. After that was established, he teased that issues #20-21 will hurt us a lot and that there are upcoming arcs featuring Venom and the birth of a new goblin. Then, the panel went into the book’s first annual written by Christos Gage with art by Javier Rodriguez and a cover by J.G. Jones. Coming in November, this issue will catch up with Aunt May as she sees this new darker side to her nephew and the “friendly” neighborhood wall-crawler.

Next, Brennan dropped a bomb that no one was really expecting. According to him, Peter Parker will be back in December! But before you get your hopes all the way up, he’s only kind of back. ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ will return before the new year with issues #700.1-700.5 that will tell five brand new Peter stories from the past. While the original Spidey won’t be making a return to the Marvel Universe proper just yet, this should be satisfying to everyone who has been missing the non-Octavius version of the beloved web-slinger.

Then, just as Marvel had been doing all weekend, the last batch of pre-con teasers were revealed. To begin with, “The End” referred to ‘Superior Spider-Man’ #27.NOW. Coming in February, the “Goblin Nation” story arc kicks off with the confrontation that everyone has been waiting for: Superior Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin. According to Slott, all bets are off and anyone can go at any second when two of Spider-Man’s biggest villains ever go toe to toe in the heat of battle. With that being said, anyone can come back too since we’re not really sure about who’s donning the Goblin persona at the moment. Is it Norman Osborn? Is it Harry Osborn? All our questions will finally be answered starting with ‘Superior Team Up’ #9, so make sure to keep that on your pull lists.

In the “& Friends” portion of the panel, we received some good news and bad news about Kelly Sue DeConnick’s ‘Captain Marvel’. Just as fans have feared after solicitations have ceased after the next issue, the bad news is that the book will be ending. However, before you dive deeply into depression, the “Higher” teaser refers to a brand new ‘Captain Marvel’ title from Kelly Sue and Dave Lopez coming in March 2014. Returning with a new #1 and an opening arc titled “Higher. Faster. Further. More.”, Carol Danvers will be going cosmic! The writer describes this new series as a cross between Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers and mentions that the leader of the Carol Corps could cross paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The next new book announced was the one behind the ‘Assassin’ teaser. This one refers to ‘Elektra’ #1 by Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo. With a feel reminiscent of Frank Miller, we’ll see the current Thunderbolt turn into the ‘Dexter’ of the Marvel Universe when she’s tasked to kill off a guild of assassins. In a similar vein, the ‘Hunted’ teaser turned out to be for an all-new ‘Punisher’ #1 from Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerards where Frank Castle moves to Los Angeles to hunt down the criminals of the West Coast, however, a mysterious government organization is hunting him at the same time. Apparently, when this group is revealed, minds will be blown.

Finally, the “War” teaser led to the return of the New Warriors in a brand new series from Chris Yost and Marcus To. Featuring most of the original line up with some notable new additions, the new team’s roster has heroes of all different races and backgrounds that come together because the High Evolutionary deems them major threats. The book is said to explore the idea of why they need to be a team when there’s already a million different incarnations of the Avengers running around and will feel like classic ‘Teen Titans’ meets Brian K. Vaughn’s run on ‘The Runaways’. As a fan of younger heroes, I know that I’ll definitely be looking forward to February/March 2014 and putting this on my list to keep an eye out for.

For more pictures from the ‘Spider-Man & Friends’ panel, check out the gallery below: