During the second day of our New York Comic Con adventure, our crew managed to spend more time on the show floor than the first day, which means that they had much more opportunities to check out some of the amazing cosplay around the con.

Sometimes, when sites showcase cosplayers from cons, there’s an over abundance of superheroes. However, we found that the NYCC faithful that we saw around the con today got rather creative and pulled out some unique and unexpected costumes. For instance, in the gallery below, you can see some great ‘Archer’ cosplayers and a few Disney princesses:

Now don’t get me wrong, superheroes and supervillains are great to see around the con. There are some great ones included in this gallery (especially the guy who showed up as Clock King), but I was very impressed with the great detail included in the Vega costume almost directly taken from the video game ‘Street Fighter’ and the Cyberman from ‘Doctor Who’. Since some characters from Marvel and DC are given the spotlight a lot of the time and seen very often, it’s cool to see some con goers get creative and think outside of the box with their NYCC wardrobe selections.

Many thanks to Ian Neisser, Matt Hepworth, Andres Spillari, and Caitlin Wiederkehr of The Pretentious Film Majors for snapping these pictures. Be sure to stay tuned here on ScienceFiction.com where we show off the cosplayers from the final day of New York Comic Con 2013.