Hey there Deadheads! A three part webisode series titled ‘The Oath’ has just been released, and it’s pretty good. The budget for a webisode can’t be very large, but the production quality in this short series (approx. 30 minutes total) is pretty up there. Granted, nothing in terms of quality is actually better than ‘The Walking Dead,’ but needless to say, I’m impressed. There was a decent gore fest which I greatly appreciated and watching it didn’t make me feel like I was watching a dramatic zombified version of my grandma’s favorite soap opera.

Here are all three parts for your viewing pleasure:


I haven’t been savvy to the other webisodes that ‘TWD’ has previously released, but this one was pretty interesting, not to mention, it’s a prequel to the actual ‘Walking Dead’ series. Leading lady Ashley Bell (you may know her from ‘The Last Exorcism Parts 1 & 2′) plays Karina, a hopeless survivor trying to make a run for it when her camp is attacked by a group of ‘Decays’, and everyone is left for dead. Everyone, that is, except for one hunky piece of man meat. Wyatt Russell plays Paul, who is injured in said get-away attempt and is in desperate need of medical attention. Sure, no problem. Should be easy enough to find help during a zombie apocalypse.

Needless to say things are less than a joyride for these two, but it’s an interesting take on the set up of the series. We see our gangs favorite Hyundai Tucson (suspiciously clean and chock full of useful things), a foreshadowing of Michonne’s armless-jawless zombie pets, and we find out who actually wrote “DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE” that Rick infamously stumbles upon in the season one opener.

Pretty entertaining and a good way to gear up for season four slated to premiere October 13th. Let us know in the comments section below what you thought about the latest installment of webisodes!