Many fans have wondered why Warner Brothers and DC Comics have been so resistant to bringing Wonder Woman, the most famous female super hero in the world, to either the big or small screen.  She starred in a pilot, directed by David E. Kelly that was so bad it never even aired.  And The CW has been developing ‘Amazon’ a new take on the character that has stalled at the network.

When questioned about a feature film WB exec Diane Nelson stated:

“She doesn’t have the single, clear, compelling story that everyone knows and recognizes. There are lots of facets to Wonder Woman, and I think the key is, how do you get the right facet for that right medium?  She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”

Screenwriter David S. Goyer, who is co-writing the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel went further, expressing:

“I think Wonder Woman is a very difficult character to crack. More difficult than Superman, who is also more difficult than Batman. Also, a lot of people in Hollywood believe that it’s hard to do a big action movie with a female lead. I happen to disagree with that. But that tends to be the prevailing wisdom. Hopefully, that’ll change in the next few years.”

So a billion dollar company with famed screen writers finds one of its assets, the Amazing Amazon “tricky” and “difficult.”  So why did a bunch of people with hardly any money manage to crack the code and produce this fantastic video?  The clip was created by a group called Rainfall Films and… pretty much sums up everything you’d want out of a Wonder Woman clip.  See for yourself:

This fan-made trailer was directed by Sam Balcomb and stars Rileah Vanderbilt in the title role.  Also starring are Clare Grant, Alicia Marie, America Young, Kimi Hughesa and Christy Hauptman.

Balcomb posted this statement on the trailer’s Youtube page:

Firstly, thanks for watching. Whether you like, or dislike, our live action interpretation of Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, born of clay, I think (quite a few of) you will agree she is a character just as vital and crucial to our understanding of humanity as any other superhero… if not more so.We spent the majority of 2013 working on this — the look, the feel, the aspects we most wanted to portray. It’s a scant two and half minutes, but in the end, it’s one hundred and fifty seconds of pure fantasy, where I get to consider the two sides of my favorite warrior: a crusader in man’s world, and a paragon of virtue told through Greek mythology.It’s a fun world to hang out in. I hope you enjoy it.

– Sam

I was incredibly impressed by the quality of this fan-made trailer.  The special effects alone are amazing!  I would have liked to have seen some magic lasso action and maybe even the Invisible Jet, but what is in the trailer is spot-on.  It must have been very “tricky” and “difficult” for them!

What do you think?  Feel free to comment below!

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