reviously, it was rumored that Saoirse Ronan (‘The Host‘) was trying out for a role in the next ‘Star Wars’ film. Now she has officially come out and confirmed that rumor!  Of course, according to her “so has everyone”. While that statement is a little open ended, between casting calls and a slew of casting rumors, it wouldn’t be surprised if that was completely true. So one has to ask, how many people have really been auditioning so far?

After Ronan’s confession, it was hoped that she would give any kind of a detail on what the next trilogy would be about. However, her response to plot questions was that the powers that be would “chop off her head with a light-sabre” if she gave out any details. While that would be a quicker death than say a Force Choke, I can understand her reluctance on giving out any spoilers. No one wants to mess with a certain mouse that runs Disney. He’s just a vicious animal!

With Mark Hamill (‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’), Harrison Ford (‘Ender’s Game‘) and Carrie Fisher (‘Scream 3’) being the only ones from the original series we know that are being heavily asked to reprise their roles, it’s been speculated that Ronan read for the role of the daughter of a certain Han Solo and Princess Leia. She absolutely has the action chops to be a Jedi if her work in ‘Hanna’ has anything to go by. It’s really far too early to tell, but the age would probably be about right and if she’s one of the few officially coming forward, I would imagine she would have auditioned for one of the lead roles.

So, who do you think Ronan might be playing? Let us know below!

Star Wars Episode VII is set to begin filming in England in 2014 with a tentative release date of Summer 2015.

Source: SKY.