Artist Dave Bullock is supplying some of the artwork for the next issue of DC’s anthology title ‘Batman: Black And White,’ which takes place outside of normal continuity.  This allows Bullock to pay tribute to the hero’s origins, in a retro tale entitled ‘Silent Knight, Unholy Knight.’  Batman originally debuted in ‘Detective Comics’ in 1938 and was heavily inspired by crime noir pulp novels of the time.  The hero was so popular, he went on to star in two movie serials and this trailer pays homage to them.  Except it’s far, far better than those!

Check it out for yourself!

Trailers are typically reserved for movies and TV shows, but they are becoming increasingly common for other platforms as well, including comics.  As you can see, this trailer features limited animation which spices things up.  (Simple static images would make for a poor video clip!)

Bullock’s story is just one of several that will be featured in the anthology book.  ‘Batman: Black And White’ #2 will pop up in comic shops on Wednesday, October 2nd.  Does this stylish trailer make you more likely to pick this title up?

Just for comparison’s sake, here is a chapter of the original 1943 ‘Batman’ serial that at least partially inspired the trailer:

Source: THR