Some people say that math is the universal language. I beg to disagree, mathematicians. The universal language in this day and age is none other than ‘Star Wars‘.

We all understand ‘Star Wars’. Frankly, I didn’t “get” government until I saw ‘Empire Strikes Back’. When I hear someone utter the phrase, “well, they’re a politician”, I can’t help but think of Natalie Portman. Just kidding. I think of Jar Jar Binks. (You have to admit, guys, the concept of his character was good. It was just the execution.)

However, we civilians aren’t the only ones using ‘Star Wars’ in our plethora of metaphors to get our point across. Politicians reference the great saga, as well.

In his filibuster against Obamacare, Senator Ted Cruz attempted to use the Force in his argument against the Affordable Healthcare Act. Cruz compared the fight against Obamacare to “the Star Wars . . . franchise”.

Apparently, when President Obama uttered the phrase, “rebellion against oppression”, Cruz couldn’t help but think of  ‘Star Wars’ movies.

As Cruz stated:

“I will confess that phrase, ‘a rebellion against oppression,’ conjured up to me the Rebel Alliance fighting against the Empire, the Empire being the Washington, DC, establishment.”

Watch a snippet below:

What do you think of Cruz’s Darth Vader impression? Or was it a Yoda impression? (Note to politicians: if you can’t nail an impression, don’t use it in your filibuster!)

Certainly this filibuster wasn’t as hilarious as Patton Oswalt’s amazing filibuster on last season’s Parks and Recreation.

However, this isn’t the first time ‘Star Wars’ was mentioned in a government setting. Back in November of 2012, over 34,000 people signed a petition asking the government to build a Death Star. The petition argued that a Death Star would promote job growth in a variety of industries as well as strengthen our national defenses. (Come on: admit it. You signed it, too.) Much to everyone’s surprise, the White House did eventually respond to this petition, saying it cost far too much money. Plus, the White House doesn’t support blowing up other planets. Guess it would’ve been too much on Hillary Clinton’s plate at the time.

Just think about the amount of miscommunications that would be avoided if we all spoke in ‘Star Wars’ references. We could better understand international relations. We could see why people would want to join the armed forces. I would finally understand what Rachel Maddow is talking about!

And on that note, may the Force be with you.

(See? You know what that means!)

Source: Red Alert Politics