You would think with everything on his plate right now that Guillermo del Toro (‘Pacific Rim‘) wouldn’t have time to add anything else into his directing queue for the next few years. However, it looks like he’s making an exception for everyone’s favorite set of yellow cartoon characters that refuse to age.

That’s right, Guillermo del Toro is going to be directing ‘The Simpsons’. Somehow he’s fitting that into his schedule around ‘Crimson Peak‘ and ‘The Strain‘.

Before you get too excited, he’s not going to be helming a new ‘Simpsons’ movie so this isn’t an all time-consuming project. In fact he’s not even going to be directing a full episode of Fox’s cult classic. He’s actually going to be directing an introduction to the show. That being said, it’s going to be the introduction to this year’s Halloween special, ‘Treehouse of Horror XXIV’! As they always run extended introductions for the Halloween episodes, this is still something to get excited about.

So what can we expect when it’s aired on October 6th at 8 pm this year? Well they won’t give us all of the details, of course, but what we do know is that it will involve a sequence with many of the major monsters and horror characters from the past several decades. So I’m sure we’ll see all of the big slasher and monsters that everyone loves and with del Toro involved probably a few obscure ones as well!

The episode itself will involve three separate stories. The first one will primarily feature Homer Simpson as he destroys Springfield in a rhyming take on a classic children’s story. In the second one we’re going to be following a beheaded Bart whose been attached to Lisa’s body and they are forced to live together. The final installment will have Mr. Burns with a traveling circus in a version of Springfield that takes place in the 30’s (with the standard cast of course).

Are you looking forward to seeing del Toro’s interesting cinematic vision open up ‘The Simpsons’ this year? Think he’ll mix in any of his own characters into the mix? What are your thoughts on the plots of the 3 stories we’ll be seeing this time around? Sound off below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter