What was probably intended to be a great example of synergy has unfortunately wound up as the king of all spoilers!  Players of Facebook’s ‘Avengers Alliance’ game are now able to unlock a new character, Thane the son of cosmic bad guy Thanos.  The only problem is that the character has only barely been revealed in the comic books.

In the above panels, it is revealed that the son of Thanos has ties to the Inhumans, a group that Marvel will be pushing in the coming year.  There are even rumors that they will be featured in a movie.

In the game, Thane is revealed to have the power to encase opponents in amber and to even have some control over “life and death.”  (Which makes sense if you consider that Thanos’ great love is the actual embodiment of death.)  Also, I haven’t unlocked this character, but Valkyrie and Phoenix also have powers that equate to resurrection, so this may be similar to that.

The character is described this way:

“This mysterious being appeared during Thanos’ invasion of Earth. What he is and where he came from remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain; he holds tremendous power in his hands.”

Marvel editor Jake Thomas stated, via supplemental AR code “Who is Thane, son of Thanos? He could be a savior or a villain. Who is Thane? Is he powerful? Does he have the ability to summon suns or talk to insects … or throw insects into suns? We don’t know. The question lingers … it itches and burns in the back of our brain. Who is Thane? The only way to find out is to keep reading!”

Does this character’s presence in the game spoil his story in the comics?  Or can they exist independently?   Do you play ‘Avengers Alliance’?  Comment below!

Sources: Bleeding Cool via  THR