Recently a teaser for ‘Under the Skin’ was released and we finally have a chance of seeing the full trailer for the film.

While the last teaser was really just that and nothing more, this one gives us a bit more of an idea on what is going on. If you ask me, it’s still a messy trailer and without prior knowledge of a synopsis or knowing that Scarlett Johansson (‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘) is in the lead playing an alien seductress, you could almost think it was an amateur film from some of the special effects found within.

While I’m not fully sold on the look of the trailer, I have faith that director Jonathan Glazer (‘Sexy Beast’) can put together a good movie. If anyone can direct an off the wall film with a great cast and make it work, he clearly can. Early reviews seem to be backing that up as well! On top of that, the special effects weren’t seen in full and let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to see Scarlett Johansson play the role of an alien that is using sexuality to entrap humans as prey? While it is an alien film, the trailer almost reminds me of a modern-ish take on the succubus. We’ll find out once it’s released!

The film should be receiving a UK release date in the near future and hopefully a US one as well, even though US distribution has still not been locked down. I strongly suspect we could end up seeing this film as a limited release in the US followed by a quick VOD and DVD/Blu-ray release which has been becoming a trend with horror film imports as of late.

Check out the trailer for ‘Under the Skin’ and let us know what you think. Is Scarlett Johansson better as an sexy hunger driven alien or a sexy super spy?

“Johansson plays an alien on earth, disguised as the perfect aesthetic form of a mesmerizing woman. She scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon to snare human prey — her voracious sexuality. She is deadly efficient, but over time becomes drawn to and changed by the complexity of life on earth. With this new found humanity and weakening alien resolve, she finds herself on a collision course with her own kind. Taking her point of view throughout, the film presents a unique look at our world through alien eyes.”

Source: Den Of Geek