‘Dexter’ is coming to a close this weekend with the end of season 8. It’s been a fun ride watching this heroic serial killer take down the truly evil in this world. I mean whoever thought we’d be rooting for a serial killer, am I right?

Obviously the video below is full of spoilers so if you aren’t up to date on the show you may want to avoid it. In fact, it’s made specifically for people who have been keeping up to date on it as most of it probably wouldn’t even make sense if you don’t know what scenes are being referenced. It’s amazing how much they really fit into this video. So many kill rooms and blood slides, so little time.

If you are a big ‘Dexter’ fan, it’s a great little rehash of the show’s highlights. It’s four minutes of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s greatest hits.

With Michael C. Hall moving to the big screen in ‘Kill Your Darlings’, ‘Cold in July’, and ‘I Fought the Law’,  this Sunday is going to be the last time to see our favorite killer on the small screen. That’s OK though as seeing him on the big screen is absolutely something I think fans are all going to be looking forward to. It’s also a bonus that all three of those films sound as if they are going to have a darker tone which is what we’ve come to associate him with. (Don’t worry Michael, you aren’t being typecast. Please just run with it!)

While this is the end of ‘Dexter’, there is a persistent rumor we’re getting a ‘Dexter’ spin off show. We’re still unsure who will be involved in this new series, I suppose a lot of that will revolve around who lives and dies in the final episode. Are you excited about the spin off? Sad that there will no longer be a future of new episodes starring Dexter Morgan taking out the bad guys?

Let us know below!

Source: Slashfilm