Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of ‘Star Wars’ news. From the spinoffs/origins from Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to the indefinite shelving of ‘Star Wars: Detours’, there’s been no shortage of new information about what’s to come from a galaxy far, far away under the new Disney regime. However, we haven’t really gotten much news about the main event, ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, unless you count the rumors about Benedict Cumberbatch and Saoirse Ronan from Latino Review. But now, the secretive director has come out to discuss a few things about his upcoming movie.

While staying away from casting or plot details, J.J. Abrams recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the next chapter in the legendary film franchise created by George Lucas. When asked about which previous ‘Star Wars’ film exemplifies the tone of his film, he said:

“Impossible for me to say because it’s going to be an evolving thing. I would say we are working really hard to make a movie that feels as emotional and authentic and exciting as possible. Whatever your favorite ‘Star Wars’ movie is and how to compare it is really sort of subjective.”

Then, he continued to mention how he felt when he first saw the first film as a kid and how he’s taking that and the feelings of fans around the world into consideration while he’s crafting ‘Episode VII’:

“It’s been nice see that how important it is and to be reminded how important it is to so many people. We all know that [creator George Lucas’] dream has become almost a religion to some people. I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic. I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right.”

Sure, those aren’t the most concrete bits of news that we could get about the movie, but we knew that Abrams was going to keep things heavily under wraps for a while. That’s the type of filmmaker he is. However, it is refreshing to hear that he is handling this one with great care because of the reverence he has for the brand. Hopefully he really pulls off that authenticity that he’s looking for.

What do you think of J.J. Abrams’ goals for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’? Are his words a good sign for you long time ‘Star Wars’ fans out there? Let us know in the comments below.