Getting a threequel made is pretty difficult in this day and age, even if the franchise is widely popular. Just ask Dan Aykroyd about ‘Ghostbusters 3’. But another popular film series from the 80s has been trying to make it’s way back to the silver screen with a new chapter of the story and with little success so far as well.

Earlier this summer, we exclusively spoke with filmmaker Alex Winter, who is best known for his role as Bill S. Preston Esquire in the ‘Bill & Ted’ movies alongside Keanu Reeves. During our conversation about his newest project, ‘Downloaded’, we snuck in a few questions about the upcoming ‘Bill & Ted 3’ that has been in limbo for years at this point. Winter was very vague about details related to the sequel, and now, after a long period of time without an update, Reeves remains vague as well with some new comments about the film.

While speaking to MTV at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival about his latest movie ‘Man of Tai Chi’, the actor who brought Ted “Theodore” Logan to life offered up another vague update by suggesting that there is some sort of conspiracy surrounding the making of ‘Bill & Ted 3’. Check out what the actor had to say in the video below:

There’s no word on what the “darkness” Reeves spoke of is, but so far, we know the following: There is currently a script from writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon that is going through a rewrite. The stars are clearly attached to reprise their iconic roles. And ‘Galaxy Quest’ director Dean Parisot will helm the project once it’s up and running.

Other than those concrete facts, there’s no date set for production to begin or anything like that. Many people out there in the world would like to see this happen sooner rather than later, but if the outlook is as dark as Reeves makes it sound, then who knows if ‘Bill & Ted 3’ will see the light of day? Hopefully, as Josh Horowitz pointed out, it’s darkest before the dawn and the long-awaited movie will rise like the sun to shine on box offices everywhere.

What do you think the chances are of a Wyld Stallyns reunion in the near future? Do you think that ‘Bill & Ted 3’ will emerge from the darkness and get made soon? Share your thoughts in the comments.