When ‘Haven‘ first started I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it. Shows and films based off of Stephen King’s work is always a hit or miss. While I love his writing, the on screen adaptations tend to disappoint more than not. Mix in the cheese factor Syfy includes in their shows, and I was very hesitant on this one.

Well, I was wrong to worry and as we’re going to be going into Season 4 it proves other people agree with me. ‘Haven’ is a fun watch! They’ve really put together a great adaptation of ‘The Colorado Kid’ and I’ve been eagerly awaiting each season. To tide us over, though, it appears that we’re going to be getting some great content in between seasons this time around. While Syfy has done a lot with webisodes for some of their other shows, this time around we’re getting a ‘Haven’ comic.

This graphic novel will be bundled with the Season 3 DVD/Blu-ray releases which will be released on Tuesday September 3rd. We’ve got the cover and 2 pages of previews of this 16 page comic to share with you and should get you drawn in pretty quickly.

‘Haven: After The Storm’ was written by Nick Parker who is a writer’s assistant on the series. That means the graphic cannon will be considered as canon. The comic is illustrated by Steve Ellis (‘Immortals: Gods & Heroes’). It picks up right where Season 3’s finale ends where the barn vanishes and Audrey and Maine being hit with the meteor shower.

Interestingly enough, it sounds like Nathan will be finding out partially what happened to Audrey and will hopefully lead more into how she will actually be able to return in the next season. Also unlike what has historically happened in the town, it looks as if Audrey doesn’t take the Troubles with her this time around. I really hope we get to see some of the Troubles hinted at here in the upcoming season.

For those who are more interested in the return of the show itself,  Season 4 is scheduled to return on September 13th on Syfy and will see Colin Ferguson joining the cast.

Source: TV Line