You know that a beloved genre show has gone mainstream when it becomes the folly of innuendos and inside jokes on various TV shows and movies. ‘Doctor Who’ has had numerous nods within the last couple years when the series was mentioned on shows such as ‘Supernatural’ (Sam’s friend name was Amy Pond’), Community (‘Inspector Spacetime’), and even ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (when the ER was flooded because fans were injured in a stampede to get a mini TARDIS autographed by Russell T. Davis). But when does it become too much?

We may just reach that line with this new spoof from the Cartoon Networks’ series ‘MAD’.  The series has decided to end the agony of Whovians who want to see the 10th and 11th Doctors on the same screen. Why wait until November for the 50th anniversary special when they can bring you the two Time Lords in this mash-up of the two shows ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, the latter being an improvisational comedy series, to form a new series titled ‘Doctor Who’s Line Is it Anyway?’

According to producer Kevin Schinik:

“Knowing that the Doctor Who series is marking its 50th year celebration by bringing the two most recent Doctors together in a special, we figured MAD needed to bring them together first in a special way that only MAD could get away with. Pairing it with Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a dreadful and ridiculous idea, so we knew we were on to something.”

In the animated sketch to air tonight, the likenesses of David Tennant, Matt Smith and ‘Whose Line’ star Wayne Brady appear in a segment of the show hosted by a Dalek. Check out the video below courtesy of TV Guide:

Yes, it’s very cringe worthy and the only slightly humorous snippet of the video was the Dalek’s mashup of the two show’s famous lines “[Doctor Who’s Line is it Anyway?]… the show where everything is made up and the points don’t matter, because you will all be exterminated.”

Not really sure if this is the whole bit or if it is part of something larger, but it does goes to show, if one is going to spoof the show ‘Doctor Who’, please have someone who is a little more familiar with the series to write the skit. I’m just hoping this is not a trend that we’ll be seeing of shows trying to bank on the popularity of the series by putting in mentions just for the sake of it as the celebrations of the 50 anniversary grows near.

‘Doctor Who’s Line Is It Anyway’ will be airing tonight on MAD at 8:30pm on the Cartoon Network.