Once upon a time, being a geek was something that was hidden. To declare being a geek meant social outcast. We hid in back rooms throwing a 20 sided dice and endured the side glances and hidden snickers as we argued the merits of video games and sci-fi movies.

Now geek has become chic and the outside world has invaded this little niche. But how does one separate the poser from the true geek?

Well, the people at Virtual Hosting has taken upon themselves to draw up this little infographic test of ’50 Things a Geek Should Know’.

The test encompasses various topics from movies, to the internet to even video and board games. It’s not the most scientific way of determining your geek cred, but it is a fun way to pass the time as you wait for the next bombshell casting news (still trying to get over Batfleck and Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon).

So check out the infographic below and let us know how you did! Are you a Keeg or is the Force strong in you that you have achieved Kwisatz Haderach status?