I’ve been looking forward to ‘The Hellfire Saga’ ever since they first mentioned that there would be a new Hellfire Club roaming about. It started off pretty strong in issue #31 and while it’s been a fun read I really felt it fell a little short in its finale.

I think I’m just angry on how they shoehorned the ending as I really had enjoyed ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ #34. I’ll get to that in a moment though as there’s a lot to cover from this issue.

Actually let’s start with the cover. It focuses on Idie and Quentin and so does much of the issue. Relationship wise we see theirs is cemented with an official boyfriend/girlfriend label and while it could have been something rather cheesey, I honestly think they’ve put it together quite well. I think that the way these two characters have been written, having them date one another, is a great way to advance both of them in a positive direction (and hopefully not have a breakup predictably turn one of them into a super villain down the line.)

Speaking of breakups, Toad finally stopped Husk from choking him to death after 2 issues. Not only that, but he had to keep tearing parts of her skin to get her to stop thinking of herself as an evil mutant trying to destroy the world. While he may have ripped away enough of her memories to have her be good again, in upcoming issues it may show that he has also ripped out the fact that they were a couple. Yes, poor Toad will most likely be single and alone again once more.

OK, enough of the relationships. This is about The Hellfire Club. Not only did Kade Kilgore’s main two lieutenants try to pull off a coup, but they did so using Kilgore designed weapons. Oops. He has a kill switch for that. While stark raving mad and being betrayed on all sides, Kilgore is still insisting that he’s won even though no one can see it yet. With how Marvel writes, it’s quite possible another long term plan has just been put into effect with a payoff we won’t see for quite some time to come. Unfortunately for Kilgore, the quite crazy White Queen is sick of him at this point and not only turns on him but leaves him stranded here (with Dog saving him in the end.)

Oh, and as Broo is about to leave forever, he bites a bamf and a mysteriously shrouded figure gives him his memories back. This mysterious figure? He shows up again exactly at the end of the issue remarking that he hopes his friends haven’t forgotten him and can save him. Did I mention that this said person they won’t show has a pointy blue tail? Gee. I wonder whose finally returning to the X-Men soon?

You know aside from the annoying tie-in with Nightcrawler (who they’ve been letting us know for awhile is going to make a return since he’s not really dead), I will fully admit that this was a good end to the story arc. Some villains were caught, some got away, and most of the story lines were wrapped up enough to be put into limbo as the series temporarily transitions into the Battle of the Atom crossover event.



Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Nick Bradshaw