John Wells has brought quite a few successful shows to television so when he has something new in the works, it tends to be something you pay attention to. For those who don’t know his name offhand, you may recognize some of his works: ‘The West Wing’, ‘ER’, ‘Southland’. On top of the shows he’s created and the 6 Emmy’s he’s won, he was also previously the president of Writer’s Guild of America, West. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to writing and television. To get excited on top of that, his co-writer from ‘ER’, Jack Orman (‘JAG’, ‘Pam Am’) has returned to help out on this new project that Wells is working on.

These two clearly have worked magic while writing together in the past, so it should come with great excitement that they are writing together once again. Not just writing together but writing another medical drama together, for the same network that housed their other successful medical drama many years ago.

It’s one right up our alley and based off of a film that, had it been a bit darker, had the potential to be a classic instead of just popular in it’s time. I’m talking about the 1995 hit ‘Outbreak’ which focused on an outbreak that occurred and had Dustin Hoffman (‘Sphere’), Morgan Freeman (‘Oblivion‘), and Rene Russo (‘Thor‘) investigating the cause before it became a global pandemic. They rush to find the source of the disease to attempt to create a cure and not only is time running out, but they don’t have the safest of areas to travel to in order to find what they need.

With zombies and diseases being hot subjects right now in films, it seems like a pretty easy topic to run after. Honestly, the idea of a global pandemic truly freaks me out, but a show dedicated to scientists trying to stop it and who have to go into dangerous conditions to do so? Yes, I’ll most likely be interested.

While I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing any of the original cast to appear for reprising roles or as guest stars, it did have a pretty solid plot that could easily be adapted to an ongoing series. It’s a bit too early to have much information on where the series will be going but we will keep you up to date with details as we have them!

What to you think? Do we have enough shows about a plague or disease having a chance of wiping out life on our planet with ‘The Walking Dead‘ and upcoming ‘Helix‘ and ‘12 Monkeys‘on Syfy? Is there room for more? Let us know what you think below!

Source: Deadline