Looking to break into the comic industry?  Sometimes that can seem almost as impossible as winning ‘American Idol’ but indie publisher Boom! Studios (’28 Days Later,’ ‘Adventure Time’) are hoping to make things slightly easier, by creating a Facebook page seeking aspiring artists, letterers and colorists.

The page allows hopefuls to upload samples of their work, which is then reviewed by Boom! editorial staff, who have found other artists this way in the past.

Managing editor Bryce Carlson expressed that he is “really excited” about the new endeavor and states, “Not only is the Boom! Studios Artist Submissions page an amazing opportunity for aspiring artists, colorists, and letterers to get their samples in front of Boom! editors on a regular basis and find helpful tips and advice, it’s also a great community for creators to interact and learn from each other.”  He went on to say, “Finding new talent is awesome, but providing a home for people to grow and learn together is what really makes this so special.”

Unfortunately, the company is not accepting submissions for aspiring writers, officially declaring that “ALL unsolicited writing submissions will not be reviewed.”  Well, maybe if this page proves successful, that will open the door for writing submissions down the road.

Are you an aspiring comic book artist?  Do you think this will be the key to finding the next great comic creators?  Comment below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter